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Thinking of Downsizing Your Denver Home?

Cher Revolinski

Your go-to real estate professional for Parker Colorado and the surrounding South Metro Denver area...

Your go-to real estate professional for Parker Colorado and the surrounding South Metro Denver area...

May 17 3 minutes read

Need a List of Homes with a Main Floor Primary Bedroom?

We got you covered! Here's an up-to-date list of all homes with a main floor primary bedroom (a.k.a. "master bedroom").  

Need a specific price point? Just add a filter - for price.  

Or text me and I'll set you up on a custom search.

Click for Main Floor Primary Bedrooms

Is Downsizing in Your Future? 

If so, I would highly suggest that if it's been on your mind that you might want to consider acting sooner than later. 

We've been seeing a lot more higher priced homes come on the market recently and some are staying on the market longer.  This has been especially true in our Luxury Market that is $1M+ price point.  That means a lot of competition for your listing. 

We are also starting to see price reductions in this group.

The rising interest rates certainly has an affect on how much buyers can afford, which would mean that it would make it even more difficult for a buyer to qualify.  With threats that the interest rates will continue to rise, we can anticipate fewer buyers may qualify for larger, higher priced homes.

Are you concerned about selling before you can find your replacement home?  We have that problem solved!  We have a "Buy Before You Sell" program that allows you to purchase a home (with CASH!) and THEN come back and sell your current home.  No hassle and you don't have to be around for the showings.  And the BEST part is that you aren't giving up any equity like some of those "instant" buyers that are trolling around.   I couldn't be more excited about solving this jam.

This makes more sense to act now and not to wait, so please, if you've been tossing around or thinking about the possibility of downsizing, let's talk. We can discuss the pros and cons. We can help you come up with a clear plan and solution.  That might mean you staying put ... but let's explore the options.

So please give me a call. And remember, no, there's never a dumb question.  And as always, I go to the Extra Mile because it's never crowded.

Give me a shout - always happy to help! Don't miss out on our next blog for you to know The Top Reason To Sell Your Denver Home Now.

Selling Your Home? 

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