The Buyer Experience

See my 8 step process for buyers.

Are You a First Time Home Buyer?

Or First Time in a Long Time?

You've made a big decision and you're ready to buy a home. Congratulations!  We couldn't be more excited for you and would love to help.

We've got some extra information just for you! Grab this guide to walk you through what to expect on each step of the journey. 

Got a home to sell first?  You might be wondering how to achieve that with minimal stress.  We've got options to make this step hassle (and stress!) free! Hop over to our page dedicated to Sellers to find out more. 

Free First Time Buyer's Guide

Hi - I'm Cher!

My mom thought I was going to be the first female quarterback.  When you see my size, that might make you laugh.

She saw my leadership skills at a young age. And I do love guiding and leading.  But my favorite is guiding and helping you find your dream home.  

It's like being a matchmaker but with houses and people. 

I've been in real estate since 2015.   A lot of my business is repeat customers and referrals from them. So that's a huge compliment that they trust me to help.  I'm in for the long haul and look forward to helping you find the home of your dreams.

My 8 Step Buying Process:

This may be the largest transaction of your life.   You deserve to feel like a VIP

Beginning your home search can be an overwhelming and daunting task. 

Here's a guide of the 8 steps that we take to make the process as easy and painless as possible. With the right support and guidance, your dream of living  happily ever after in your new, dream home can become a reality.

It begins right here.

Get Pre-Qualified

It may not sound like a fun first step - but it's SO important.

Imagine shopping on Black Friday without your wallet. By the time you got back, all of the best deals would be gone. That’s what it’s like shopping for a property without having proof of funds or a prequalification. 

Don't worry, I’ll introduce you to one of my trusted mortgage partners. They will help you determine your buying price range and help you set a budget. 

Be prepared to dig into a little paperwork during this part of the process such as pay stubs, W2’s, and tax returns. The lender will do a full review and then tell you what you will be able to borrow in order to purchase a home. 

This is a vital step in the home buying process and will lead to you feeling CONFIDENT.

Book a Consult

Let’s get to know each other! 

This is a focus on YOU and your goals.  

We'll determine what you want and need in a home.

This is also a time to answer any questions and outline a strategy for your purchase.

Select a Time for Consultation

Intake Form

Just like when you go to the doctor's office, an intake form gets us started.

But don't worry - it's not as painful. This one might be a little fun to fill out!

So grab a drink and click below.  This will help you start to paint a picture of your ideal home.

Complete the Intake Form

Listing alerts and scheduling home tours 

At this stage in the process, I’ll send you notifications about the listings that you'll be excited about. 

Let me know if one (or more) jump out at you so that we can schedule a viewing. 

Here’s where the buying process gets really fun

Search Properties Here

Learn to negotiate

Let's cover what to expect during the offer and due diligence periods. 

It’s no secret that this market has been competitive. As the market, trends and laws change, it’s important to go into the negotiation process fully educated. 

This workshop will help you navigate the market and the negotiation process so you can dominate it like a pro. 

We will strategize together on the best approach! 

Understanding the process and your options will help you feel PREPARED. 

Watch the Workshop

Acceptance, Inspection and Appraisal

The sellers accepted your offer.

And the home is going through inspection. The inspection makes sure that everything in the home is functioning properly and there are no major issues inside. 

And then appraisal. The appraisal guarantees that the price of the property matches the value.

You're feeling good because you watched the workshop and you know what to expect.

Time to close and get the keys

Get excited because it’s time to close on your home! 

This process includes going through all of the final paperwork and signing your name (a lot!). 

Don't forget to bring your ID and all of the paperwork you’ve collected along the way and your down payment.

Celebrate! 🥂

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