"We had been looking for a new home for 5 years"

When I met Cher, she asked what we were looking for and I told her "I don’t think you’re going to find it, we’re pretty picky. You may waste your time with us."

Cher replied, "I don't mind, this is what I do." And began to write down all 23 of our requirements..


“I'll look and I'll call you in the next couple of days." said Cher. Dave was going to be gone for 3 weeks on a cruise but Cher said she’d be in touch when they returned. Sure enough, when the ship was docking, Cher called. “Ive got a couple homes to show you. They don’t meet all of your requirements but they’re close. I'd like to walk through them with you to see what exactly you’re looking for." 

As Cher, Dave and his wife, Kathy toured the list of homes, a new home had just came on the market that Cher thought the couple would really like. It met 22 of the 23 requirements that Dave and Kathy had. 

"We're big model railroaders. The old house had a 2000 square foot basement which was full of a model railroad that we operated with friends once a month, a hobby Cathy and I had together.So we wanted to build another railroad in our new home." -Dave

After touring that last home, Dave was ready to make an offer.

What Stood Out to You About Cher?

Cher, unlike most realtors, actually listened to what we said. She wrote down our requirements and kept track of them and looked for exactly what we wanted. Usually realtors will show you something close- and not exactly what you want. Anything to try and sell you a home.

"Cher's integrity is tremendous! I've never experienced this with any realtor and I've moved all over the country! She’s unique!"

How Was Cher Different?

When it came time to list our current house, Cher backed everything she said up with data. She gave us pricing info, graphs, charts, and showed us how she came to that price. We put it on market on a Friday, and it sold for higher than listed price the following Tuesday. She did a fabulous job!


Dave explained that him and his wife have became great friends with Cher. They get together once and month and like to argue over who's going to pay for lunch or dinner. If Cher leaves town, they help her take care of her "farm" as they call it and feed all of the animals.

Professional Photography



Unparalleled Marketing

Cher provides a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to sell your home. The approach includes professional photography, advice on repairs and staging, Facebook advertising, email marketing, and more.

C-H-E-R is just another way to spell honesty and integrity!  

After 15 years together and a couple of years in their new house, Dave and Kathy  decided to get married at home in front of the fireplace with their kids!

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