Let's get you an accurate list!

Considering Downsizing?

We will absolutely get you a list of potential homes.  We were making a BIG mistake in assuming we knew what homes you might want to see.  We quickly realized that everyone has a different definition of "downsizing".  Some wanted smaller homes. Some wanted to target particular areas of town. Others wanted a large home but with a main floor master bedroom.  

Your goals are distinct and we don't want to treat you generically. Simply not our style. We will be getting in touch with you ASAP to ask a few simple questions to get us on the right track so we can send you a meaningful list. A list that will help you as you decide on next steps.

But don't worry - we also recognize this is probably just a consideration for you. Seeing what's out there and evaluating the market conditions. We get it! We are here to support you and help educate so you can make the best decision possible.

Talk soon!

Why Downsizing Soon Might Make Sense

You're on this page so you must be thinking of downsizing. Here's a link to a recent blog post that offers insights into why taking action soon may be of benefit!

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